Natural chats!

Natural Chats!

Natural Chats!

So, I’ve been thinking about becoming a no heat natural. A no heat natural is the opposite of what I’ve practiced since 2009. No heat means no more silk wraps ( silk wrap: Using  a flat iron to press your hair bone straight). Benefits of being a no heat natural are immediate and beneficial! No heat means no heat damage BIG plus!! Also your hair usually flourishes when manipulation is minimized. No heat means possibly air drying vs. using a blow dryer. I’m going to give it a try. Per usual I will be doing it the easy way by...

Are you natural?


Am I the only person who’s been asked are you natural? It’s like a right of passage if you confidently respond,Yes! That question is often followed up with why did you go natural? How long have you been natural? I haven’t had a perm since Michael Jackson died. One day I decided I’m no longer putting relaxers in my hair. I learned my hair would curl up and sweat whether I had a relaxer or not. I was like, why keep torturing myself not being able to scratch my scalp only for it to feel like it’s on fire anyway...