Are you natural?


Am I the only person who’s been asked are you natural? It’s like a right of passage if you confidently respond,Yes! That question is often followed up with why did you go natural? How long have you been natural? I haven’t had a perm since Michael Jackson died. One day I decided I’m no longer putting relaxers in my hair. I learned my hair would curl up and sweat whether I had a relaxer or not. I was like, why keep torturing myself not being able to scratch my scalp only for it to feel like it’s on fire anyway once the creamy crack hit it. Lol. I transitioned aka didn’t do a big chop. I loved it! I could still achieve super straight hair without all the chemicals. I’m what you call a “lazy” natural. I don’t go it alone. I go to the salon every two weeks for washes. I was never good at doing hair! 

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